Krishna, Shankara, Dayananda, and Vivekananda

Krishna, Shankara, Dayananda and Vivekananda are all worthy of admiration. We should always be ever-ready to embrace the good qualities of others and avoid their faults or shortcomings. No one is perfect, and to think anyone is perfect only means we are holding on to an image. We do NOT need to imagine anyone is perfect when we worship the one Supreme Being who is One Without a Second, and Who is always absolutely flawless.

Krishna was a perfected Yogi; Adi Shankara was a genius and an accomplished Yogi; Maharishi Dayananda was also a genius and an accomplished Yogi and also a Maharishi.

All of us can learn from the actions they did and the actions they did not do; from the things they said and refrained from saying. However, when all is said and done, what will matter the most is what we have realized (actualized) in our own lives. This realization will come from direct experience, which can only come from direct practice.

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