We Do Not Belong to Any Religion

We are free souls; we do not belong to ANY damned religion; and EVERY religion is damned, including the conglomeration of religions called Hinduism. They are damned because they are polluted with images, with the distorted ideas of men and women blinded by ego and ignorance. The religions of the world block the free flow of Divine Wisdom, which is why I say they are ‘damned.’

The word 'damned' is used here as a pun, meaning that the world’s religions (ALL OF THEM) put obstacles in the minds of people. These obstacles are in the form of misinterpretations, misconceptions, superstitions, and out right lies perpetrated in the name of Truth and perpetuated by ignorant ‘educated’ people for their self-centered ends. In the end, all of the religions of the world are doomed; all of them will be forgotten forever; only Vaidika Dharma (the only true Sanatan Dharma) will remain.

Unless we strip naked (remove ALL our images) and bare our souls, our love of Truth will remain half-hearted. Can anyone live with half a heart? NO, and no one’s quest for Truth will ever be fulfilled so long as they remain a prisoner of any religion, cult, or dogma.

Until everyone in this world ‘gets real’ and drops both their religious and intellectual pretenses they can never know or experience their own Essence. The ‘knowing’ and ‘experiencing’ (practicing) of our Essence is called Vaidika Dharma. “Only when we transcend the boundaries of 'religion' and return to the one, universal faith embodied in the Vedas can we justifiably claim to follow Vaidika Dharma in its original, unadulterated form.”(Shishyaji)

When all accept themselves as they truly ARE (birthless, deathless, imageless SOULS) and play the Game of Life together, by the same rules (the Divine Laws), and in the spirit of cooperation (Sangatikarana), only then the pain and misery of the this world will be no more. Until then, religions will continue to divide and people will continue to suffer.

We need to go ‘Back to the Vedas.’ This is the most progressive movement of our times, and for all times. The heritage of Divine Wisdom is the true inheritance of every man, woman, and child on this planet. We need courageous people having a true revolutionary spirit, who have made up their mind to revolt against their own ignorance and the tyranny of their own ego. We need true Aryas who revolve around the wisdom of the Wise (like Maharishi Dayananda and other true saints and sages). When we transform ourselves (from ordinary, self-involved people) in to extraordinary students of Life, we will solve the mysteries of birth, life and death and become true mystics, true Yogis, and truly liberated souls. The transformation in our selves will inspire others to transform too, and by-and-by the whole world will become noble. Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam.


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