This is Advaita, this is non-duality. . .


The Absolute is alone the Absoluteóno soul, whether embodied or free, has ever been or will ever become the Supreme Soul, PARAMATMAN.That Supreme Self is One Without Any Comparison.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Lord, You are absolutely beyond the realm of ignorance.You have never been and will never be subject to birth, life, and death.You are completely beyond this creation, though you permeate every particle of it, and pervade every soul (those who are joined with this world of Prakriti and those who are free from it).You alone are all-pervading.You alone are Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


There is only One GOD and He has no prophets, but only servants.Those who serve Him, the Almighty Lord, are blessed.He alone is the Gift Giver.Blessed is the Gift bearer, and blessed is the receiver of the Gift. The gift of Life is Godís gift to the innumerable souls that live in this world of Creation.He alone is the Creator, the Preserver, and the Transformer.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


God alone knows the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.No one alone can know the Truth.When we think we alone know the Truth, we know very little. When we become nothing, we realize the Truth by the grace of that Truth alone.Only the Truth will set us free, and that truth is the Wisdom of Consciousnessóit is not a person, place, or thing.The Truth is not an idea, or a belief, or a memory, or a feeling produced in the mind or the body.The Truth is never embodied is flesh and bones.Never.The Truth does not walk or talk, read or write.But the Truth inspires us to seek the Truth and to live it.Only those who live the Truth know the Truth.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Lord, I am forever your devotee.I am not sometimes a devotee and at other times a non-devotee.No.I am only your devotee.Forever.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Oh Divine Mother, Oh Supreme Father, I am always your child.I have always been your child, even when I was lost in the world of Samsara.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Oh Supreme Friend, You have been my Best Friend since Eternity, and I remain always your faithful companion.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Oh Divine Relative, I am forever bound to You by the eternal and unchangeable relationship ofthe Soul with the OverSoul, the Self with the Supreme Self,Atma with Paramatma. ††You and You alone pervade my very soul, the core of my being.This relationship of the soul with the Oversoul, of the Self with the Supreme Self, of my own being with the Supreme Being, is unbreakable and immutable.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


Oh My Lover and Beloved, You alone are my Lover and I am Your beloved, You alone are my Beloved and I am Your lover.This will never change.This is Advaita, this is non-duality.


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