Lasting Fulfillment

There is no greater satisfaction than to be free from all desires.  That Supreme Satisfaction (Soma) can never be attained by trying to satisfy our desires.  The more we try to satisfy any desire, the more we are burned by that desire and the less likely we are to learn from our mistakes—because we become ‘burned out’.  The only way to learn from any desire is to stand back from it and watch where it leads.  But if we get too close we will definitely get burned. 


If we play with fire we will have to pay the consequences.  But if we are wise, we will see the consequences before we play the game of desire, and then we won’t play that game.  To play the game of desire one enters into duality, creating a split personality between one’s higher nature and one’s lower nature.  One creates in the mind a duel between the real and unreal.  One fashions in the mind a dichotomy of having and not having, of wanting and not wanting, of desiring and not desiring.  This is all a drama created in the mind. 


One who is awakened, one who lives in the Light of Consciousness, is never disturbed by any hallucination of the mind.  The one who has risen above duality has no fight with anyone and no desire for anything.  He has no conflict within himself because his self is united with the Supreme Self.  That soul is supremely satisfied—that soul has attained the highest contentment.


As long as we allow ourselves to be pushed around by our ego, we will remain chained to our desires and will never know true peace.  In other words, as long as the mind is infected with ego we will suffer the symptoms of frustration, annoyance, aggravation, disgust, and despair.  Desire is simply the fire with which we burn ourselves, but that fire is lit by ego.  When ego is removed, our desires disappear. 


Ego is diminished when humility is enhanced.  The power of humility is far greater than the biggest ego.  Humility is accompanied by gratitude, whereas ego is always accompanied by a selfish attitude.  Ego is born in the mind, where it wreaks havoc.  Humility is a quality of the soul and makes the mind shine with the light of wisdom. 


Wise people do not look for satisfaction in worldly success.  Wise people enter into the cave of the heart and find lasting fulfillment that can never be found by chasing after the things of the world. 


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