Our Mission in Life

We do not have to look far and wide to find meaning or purpose to our life.  There may be many different ‘noble causes’ to embrace, but if we don’t embrace our own family members, then what is the point?  If we love the whole world but we can’t give love to our family, then we haven’t really loved anyone.  We can save the whales, and we can save the seals, but if we haven’t saved ourselves from our own self-involvement we haven’t saved anything.

You can hide from the whole world, but you cannot hide from your loved ones or from yourself. If you are ‘in your head’ when you’re with your family, but you think you are ‘in your heart’ when you are serving humanity, then in fact you are only in your ego and only serving your own self-interest.  If we are kind to outsiders but we are mean to our loved ones it means we are totally caught up in our ego and egotistical images.  It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have an altruistic attitude and feel compassion for the whole world—it just means that we shouldn’t leave our family out in the cold. 

As the saying goes, “Charity begins at home.”  We need to be warm with our family members first and foremost.  We cannot save millions of dollars if we can’t even save two or three dollars.  We can’t feed the entire world if we can’t even feed our own family.

Do you want to bring peace and happiness to the whole world? Do you want to remove the pain and suffering of the whole world?  Do you want to put an end to the injustice and violence which is breaking our planet into pieces?  Then you must start with yourself.  Then the effects of your positive vibration will spread out like the ripples in a pool of water.  But if all we do is ‘think’, and think, and think, then our own inertia and self-stagnation will make our life stink, and we will never have any peace of mind.

Bringing joy and happiness to our loved ones means to bring joy and happiness out of ourselves. To do that we need to tap into the Fountain of Inner Joy.  When we are truly joyous from within, we will automatically effuse happiness everywhere.  True happiness is self-effulgent—it comes from within.  But if we are looking outside of our selves for happiness, then we can never become really happy or peaceful, and we will have nothing to give to anyone, especially to our own loved ones. 

Human beings are limited by nature.  We do not possess unlimited resources.  A liter of water may remove the thirst of two or three people, but it cannot quench the thirst of the whole world.   If you spread yourself too thin you will not be able to help anyone, including yourself. 

Our compassion and magnanimity of heart should be boundless, but all our dealings in this world must be bound by our power of discernment.  For that, we require the deep wisdom and knowledge of Consciousness (the Soul).  True compassion is never driven by egotistical images (whether blatant or hidden). Only wisdom can make us see our shortcomings which prevent us from being truly loving and humble human beings.  This is why wisdom is the greatest gift (DAAN). 

To bring joy and happiness to your loved ones, and to everyone who comes in your contact, embrace the divine wisdom and put it into practice.  Then see the miracles happen:  you will see the remarkable and miraculous changes in your self, your loved ones, and in the world around you.

Our mission in life is to just give joy and happiness to our loved ones.

                                                                                                            Dr. T. R. Khanna

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