The Blessing of a Wise Teacher


There is no greater blessing than to have the guidance of a Wise Teacher.  It is impossible to attain the higher states of Consciousness without a True Teacher. 


The True Teacher teaches the Truth by his living example.  The Teacher of Truth lives the Truth, and blessed are those who live with him.  Living with the True Teacher means practicing the Truth in his presence.  We cannot practice the Truth in an image, because the Truth is imageless.


The Truth is not something we can imagine.  It is something that must be experienced.  To know the Truth, one must experience it.  To experience the Truth, one must practice it. To practice the Truth, one needs to learn the Truth.  We learn the Truth at the feet of a True Teacher.  This means we must become humble to learn the truth.  Truth cannot be learned without humility. 


The True Teacher commands respect by his own example.  He demands excellence from himself first and foremost, and we are inspired to follow his example. 


The True Teacher is humble and honest with himself.  The True Teacher has no ‘front’, he has no facade.  The True Teacher doesn’t need to ‘watch his back’ because the true teacher has nothing to hide.  The True Teacher does not hide from the Truth behind an image of the truth. 


The True Teacher is a giver of Wisdom and dispels the darkness of ignorance with the Light of Wisdom.  The wisdom giver and the wisdom receiver are both blessed.  Together, the teacher and the taught are empowered to attain the highest states of Consciousness.  Where does that power come from?  It comes from the power of humility.  Without the power of humility it is impossible to be close to GOD, the Absolute.


True humility is a rare spiritual quality. We are genuinely humble only when we set aside our ego-consciousness. When we are self-conscious, our humility is strained and unnatural. The lingering doubt remains.  But when we transcend our ego there is absolutely no doubt or inner conflict whatsoever.


All conflict is born out of ego. Ego is a false perception that we have of ourselves. To remove that false perception wisdom is absolutely essential.  A True Teacher will guide us to the experience of our Essence.  Until we have that experience we will remain in doubt and conflict regardless how much we think we know. 

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