Nothing More, Nothing Less


The pursuit of matter. . .

What does it matter?

Chasing after the images of the mind,

Will you find fulfillment?

No you will not, so why don’t you stop now before it is too late.


The world of ‘things’ to which you cling is impermanent.

The people to whom you relate will not accompany you in the state of death,

so don’t hold your breath—don’t wait for them to become whole and happy.


Happiness is not found when you are old and round,

It is only found when you stop fooling around with

Your false feelings and emotions.

Look into your soul and you will discover the Truth.

You will realize the truth about yourself, the truth about this world, and the truth of Truth.


The truth is you are not what you think you are:

You are what you are.

The truth is the world is not what you think it is:

This world is what you make it (through your own actions).

The truth is Truth cannot be known by looking outside your self,

And you cannot know yourself without seeing the Truth.


When you perceive the Truth you will see through the world of matter and not be fooled by it.

When you see the world for what it is, you will also know who and what you are.

Your mind and body are tools—they are not you—they are your instruments of perception and action.

You are the maker of your own fate according to your own conception and behavior.

You are responsible for what you do, for what you have done, and for what you will do in the future.

It is all up to you.


People do not get better by accident or by magic—they only get better when they do better.

“Doing is knowing, and knowing is doing.”

We are here to realize and to act, to do and to know.

But what should we do and what do we need to know?

Are we here just to attend to the needs and wants of the body, and the images and whims of the mind?

So much time is spent trying to satisfy our desires and feelings that

we never fulfill the real purpose of our existence,

hence we remain unfulfilled and unhappy.


We need to know ourselves and we need to be ourselves.

We need to act according to our real nature,

free of anxiety and free of stress.

We need to start acting our age—and our age is Eternity.

We need to know our Eternity and manifest our eternal nature

through all our thoughts and deeds.

That’s what we need.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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