Let Consciousness Shine in Good Actions

By Dr. T. R. K.

Performing action is for the sake of doing good, not for the sake of ego satisfaction. When we do things for the satisfaction of our ego, our performance is filled with expectations. When we create expectations, we are ready for a downfall, because not all expectations can be met. But if we are working for the sake of goodness, even if our actions are not perfect, we have done the best.

We become more stable when we do actions from the point of view of soul consciousness. When we are in consciousness, we are reliable and consistent. We are not nervous or shaken, nor are we excited or depressed. In other words, consciousness creates balance in our lives.

What happens when we are not in consciousness? Ego takes over in our actions and behavior. We get upset when others do not meet our expectations or do not do things exactly the way we want them. Negative feelings destroy the goodness of life because they prevent us from working and living peacefully with others. With negative feelings we cannot help anyone, because we cannot even help ourselves. When we are deadlocked in the negativity of our ego, self-importance, or feelings, we create stress inside and around us. Instead of becoming negative, we should help ourselves with inspiration and encouragement.

How can we stay in consciousness? By meditating, studying wisdom, and inspiring ourselves daily. Then we become steady in our behavior and sure of our commitment and sincerity. We do our duty from the point of view of consciousness, so we do not worry about the opinions of others. When we are flexible without breaking principles and not rigid in our mind because of images or expectations, we are well on our way to becoming totally established in consciousness. Then all our actions begin to reflect that soul consciousness.

If we stay in consciousness, we will perform actions just to do good. Our ego will be on the back burner and we will not seek any reward for our actions. Doing good, having good behavior, and having good thoughts are their own reward. Goodness itself is the reward. Being warm and congenial is the reward. Keeping good health and encouraging others by our own example is the reward.

If we are doing actions for the sake of uplifting consciousness, then we are doing the best. If we reject all negative aspects of ego and stay in soul consciousness, we will continue to do the best for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our dignity comes from the Essence,

not from our ego.

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