Focus on the Absolute Nature and

Get Rid of Chronic Habits and Behavior

by Dr. T. R. Khanna

Most people are imprisoned in their chronic habits. They are victims of their reactions and feelings. However, when we respond from the point of view of our Absolute consciousness, we understand that we do not have to be the victim of our reactions, emotions and feelings. Then we can act without being affected by those habitually negative thought patterns, comfortable feelings and involvement with the pairs of opposites, such as love/hate, excitement/depression and lethargy/hyperness.


We have to go beyond the habit of personal feelings such as anger, jealousy, selfishness and complacency. We have to break the cycle of violence against ourselves and others by creating new and healthy personal habits, such as:


®   the daily inspiration of wisdom and sharing deep thoughts with the wise,

®   a healthy exercise program, and

®   selflessly serving our loved ones and those who are in need.


In other words, we have to awaken the sage in ourselves, by taking an active role in self-improvement in every aspect of our life.

If we are not victim of our chronic habits we won't victimize ourselves and others. Nor will we become the victim of other people's ego. We are then fresh every moment, every second. Freshness means freedom from our chronic habits and chronic way of doing things.That is Yoga. Yoga is freshness and a creative way of thinking and living in the moment. Yoga is mental discipline. Yoga is awakening the sage sitting in our hearts and minds through the practice of excellence in action.

If we don't want to get stuck in our chronic habits we should practice improving mentally and physically, and change our bad habits into good habits. How do we get unstuck? By not repeating the bad habits and bad behavior of yesterday today. We should take a pledge that every morning we will start the day with positivity and not make the same mistakes which victimized us the day before.We should create a program of personal self-development and make every effort to earnestly practice those thoughts and actions which will uplift us and make life a good experience for ourselves and our loved ones. That's what getting unstuck meansóto be fresh, to be kind, to be aware, to be alert, to be focused and to live consciously.

From morning until night we should live consciously and do good to ourselves and others. Living consciously means to do the things which are necessary for a happy, healthy life. If we diligently practice positive thoughts and positive actions then all good things will come to us. The conscious discipline of good habits, good speech and good responses will make us very happy in life. Then we'll see the miracles happen.

Lack of foresight destroys commitment.

Ego is shortsighted.

The tragedy is that people may be getting what they want, but they don't get what they need.

What you think you want is not necessarily good for you. It's what you need that counts.

The more you want comfortable feelings, the more you become the victim.

If we do our best, God is on our side.

Accumulating wealth is not going to save us unless we have good health principles.

Self-abuse leads to abuse by others.

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