May We Have Powerful Speech

By Dr. T.R. Khanna, U.S.A.




h  Lord of Speech, may our speech be filled with excellent words, may it be auspicious and energetic, and transformed into the wealth of wisdom. Through the right use of wisdom may we strive to have an insight into YAJNAM, the working of Your creation. Our speech should be imbued with knowledge of all aspects of this human incarnation, such as philosophy, the physical and social sciences, psychology, depth and understanding. May we make our speech powerful to invoke Supreme Consciousness.

Good speech applied on all levels is effective and enables us to transform our life and the lives of others.  Speech enjoined with Supreme Consciousness is powerful and makes everybody’s life safe and sound.  When our speech is devoid of ego we can reason better and inspire others: we are compassionate, kind, and we are sensitive to the vibration and the environment.  But when our speech is joined with ego, we say too much and our timing is off (we speak at the wrong time). We need to use our words sparingly, otherwise we can create instability in ourselves or destabilize the situation. 

We should never use abusive speech.  Unworthy speech will only earn us ill repute.  When we misuse speech we create turmoil in others and we create an unhealthy and unsafe environment.

According to this verse from the Rig Veda, we should have a deep grasp of the moment, and we should use peaceful words that bring about understanding.  We should never use speech that causes conflict.  Speech should be used to unite, not divide.  It should be mindful and focused.  It should be our natural state to have good interactions with others.  In other words, we should not speak out of ego.  We should be unpretentious and always speak out of concern for the good of others and the situation, whether we are at home, at work or anywhere.  We should never use speech just to entertain the mind or to impress others.

Noble speech nurtures hospitality, whereas ignoble speech creates an environment of hostility.  We should never speak cheaply or say anything to hurt or discourage others. We should have high principles, and those principles should be embodied in our speech and actions. Speech that empowers us to heal and promotes understanding is truly noble speech. This is the meaning of powerful speech.  With that powerful speech we invoke the blessings of Supreme Consciousness.

Putting down our loved ones creates bankruptcy in our mind—we lose our balance and we lose our good repute.

Words are like pearls. They should be strung together carefully. We should speak with care and to the point.

Intercede with great honor, with great respect.  That is more effective than throwing bricks.


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