Insights of Wisdom

 Jai Maha Dev


We are only here for a few years.  So why should we hoard our energies all to ourselves? Let’s give ourselves away in devotion.

The state of non-action can only be attained by doing actions, it can never be attained by inaction. 

The state of effortlessness is only attained through intense effort, and never by just waiting for ‘things to happen’.

Dispassion can never be attained by lack of concern or disinterestedness, but only by means of deep compassion. 

Detachment is never realized by avoidance, but only by caring very deeply without any thought of oneself. 

The state of well-being is never attained by just ‘leaving well enough alone’; it can only be attained by knowing well the principles of sound health (of mind and body), and putting those principles into practice.

We don’t need much to be happy, but we do need peace of mind.  If we give up our peace mind in pursuit of happiness, we will never find it.

Why does the mind worry?  Because it has too much to think about.  Why does the mind think so much?  Because it has no peace.  Why does the mind have no peace?  Because we have spent so much time trying to appease our mind, and not enough time doing what needs to be done. We haven’t disciplined our mind through meditation and study of wisdom.

We have no peace of mind because we have accumulated so much junk.  After collecting so much stuff, we have to sort it out, maintain it, and of course, if we bought it on credit we still have to pay for it!  It is no wonder we have no peace of mind—we are paying for our own greed. 

Non-stealing and non-hoarding are two of the main pillars of Yoga (inner unity, ‘togetherness’).  When we buy things that we cannot afford (when we live beyond our means), it is a form of stealing, and when we buy things that we do not need it is a form of greediness.  These are the two main reasons we have no peace of mind.

Why do we get so frustrated? Because we expect so much.  Why do we have so many expectations and desires? Because we lack so much (in the way of inner peace and depth of being).  Why do we lack so much?  Because we have lost everything running with our mind.  Why do we run with our mind?  Because our ego wants company and attention, and compels our mind to do its bidding.  Why do we listen to our ego?  Because we haven’t listened to the wisdom of the Wise: we might have heard, but we haven’t truly listened—we haven’t followed up with practice.

A Yogi is a good listener, but a Bhogi only wants sensual enjoyments and ego-comforts.  Through practice, a Yogi realizes the state of Yoga (Union with the Real Self): such a person is truly a real human being, because he or she realizes the purpose of this human life.  On the other hand, a person who follows the dictates of his mind and ego only finds pleasure (bhoga) and pain; such a person gets caught up in bogus pursuits and lives their life in vain.

Nothing in this life is free—everything cost something. Everyone pays for what they get (though we don’t always get what we thought we were paying for!).

The outcome of our life is based strictly on what we are putting into it. If we are wise, we will be careful about what we put into our mind and body, and we will be very selective about the friends we make and keep. 

We should never underestimate our own worth—if we do, we are sure to suffer loss in this life.

Everything that we do involves exchange. Those who short-change themselves always regret later on.

If we realize the value and purpose of this life, we will never waste it, but will spend it very carefully and intelligently.

Wise are those who spend their time and energy raising their consciousness.  They do not get bogged down with the mundane problems and pursuits of this world. The wise ‘keep it simple’ and stay clear, and remain focussed on the real purpose of this life.

Only those who are wise find fulfillment, because they live in the fullness of  Absolute Consciousness and do not base their lives on the limited relationships born out of body, mind, and ego. Wise people relate only on the highest level of Pure Consciousness, hence, their mind is never polluted with jealousy, greed, envy, hate, and anger. 

All mental problems are born out of the impurities of the mind, and the impure mind is the result of lack of wisdom and practice.

To remove ignorance (of our True Nature) is the highest gift that anyone can give.  Of course, you can only give what you have—you cannot give what you do not have.  We need to remove our own ignorance first—and this we do by becoming humble and graciously accepting good advice and acting upon it. 

Whenever we are negative, it is proof-positive that we are in our ego.

It is not possible to be in the same moment both hateful and grateful.  We should be grateful every moment and have no space in our mind for hate.

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