Jai Maha Dev

Eternity is the infinite succession of moments in time.  Time is the flow (expression) of Consciousness.  The flow, or expression, takes place through the medium of Nature (Prakriti).  In essence, Time is Consciousness.  More specifically, Time is the observation of the change in Nature.  The force behind the change is PRANA, the force of Consciousness.  


The force of Consciousness (PRANA) applied to Nature (PRAKRITI) awakens the natural forces inherent in Prakriti. The inherent forces of Prakriti (forces of Nature, or Cosmic Forces) are Satoguna, Rajoguna, and Tamoguna.  All changes manifested in Nature are wrought by the Cosmic Forces (Gunas) stirred into action by the Pranic force of Consciousness.


Due to the identification of Consciousness with Nature (PURUSH with PRAKRITI), the changes in Nature are mistakenly observed as changes in Consciousness.  This false identification (EGO) causes the formation of the individualized mind (in contrast to the one Universal Mind).


The Universal Mind (Mahatattwa) is the medium (substratum) in which all the innumerable permutations of Nature[1] (Prakriti) reside in potential form (potential expression). This medium (Mahatattwa) is the manifestation (expression) of the union of Spirit and Matter (Purush and Prakriti: the most subtle ‘embodied’ Consciousness [bodied-forth in its own inherent Energy, PRANA] and the invisible, unmanifest, ‘unconsciousness’ or ‘nothingness’).  One of the permutations of Nature is EGO (Ahamkara), the principle of self-consciousness, or individualized consciousness.  From this individualized consciousness (Ego) the individualized mind is formed (as just mentioned in the previous paragraph). 


Both the individualized consciousness and individualized mind already exist in potential form in the Universal Mind (Mahatattwa). Their expressions (like the expression of Mahatattwa itself) are natural expressions of Consciousness; that is, they are expressions of Consciousness through the medium of Prakriti; which can also be stated as: they are the flow of Consciousness.  This flow of Consciousness is called Time.


The expression, or flow, of Consciousness is without beginning or end.  This beginingless-endless flow is called Eternity, and consists of the infinite succession of moments in time. ‘Moments in time’ are experiences in Consciousness; or, more specifically, they are experiences of Consciousness in the Mind; in other words, our experiences are ‘reflections’ in our mind.  


An experience is Consciousness coupled with Action. The first action is the act of manifesting our inherent life force (Prana), and thus manifesting as the Spirit Self  (Purush).  This can be called the ‘beginning of Time,’ but really it is only the beginning of relative time (that is, Consciousness in relation to the present Creation).  In other words, since the present Creation is only one in an infinite succession of Creations, there is no real ‘beginning of Time.’


In the context of Eternity, this Creation (and every other Creation) is a single moment in Time. In the context of our lifespan (the association of the union of the subtle spirit-self with the gross physical body), our life consists of the succession of moments from our first breath until our last.  However, in truth our life is NOT measured by our lifespan, but rather, by each moment of our life. In essence, every moment is a moment in Eternity (and not just a moment in the lifespan of our physical existence).  In this respect (respecting ourselves as souls), every single moment of our life is important because we realize its true import. In other words, when we respect our self as living-energy (the spirit-self), we realize the true meaning of our existence:  which is to realize our Essence.    


The ‘realization of our Essence’ means the manifestation of our Real Nature (Higher Nature) by actualizing the core of our being (Atman, Pure Consciousness) through the expression of our life.  Our life is the expression of Consciousness (our Essence).


‘Time is of the Essence.’ If we waste time we waste our life.  We waste our life when we live unconsciously, like automaton robots.  To live spontaneously in the flow of Consciousness means to live every moment as a moment of Eternity. In the beginning (as in ‘the beginning of life’), this is natural and effortless.  However, when the mind is adulterated due to the superimposition of ego and images, the mind becomes deluded and this self-delusion brings confusion and turmoil.  The only remedy is to purify the mind with the Wisdom of Consciousness and apply this wisdom in the expression of life (the art of the soul, the spirit-self).


The expression of life takes time:  it requires that we are fully conscious. When we are fully conscious our life is full and we are fulfilled.  The time to begin is NOW.     



[1]Prakriti consists of innumerable particles called paramanus.  The paramanus combine in innumerable combinations, with varying intensity of gunic-force (satagunic, rajogunic, and tamogunic).  These combinations and their various inversions are what is meant by ‘innumerable permutations of Nature.’ In reality, everything we think, do, feel, imagine, remember, etc., and every event of the past, present, and future, are all permutations of Nature.  NOTE:  the word ‘innumerable’ does NOT mean infinite; it only means uncountable. In other words, ‘innumerable’ means such a vast amount that it cannot be counted; however, it is still a fixed amount.  For example, the number 1 with 100 zeros after it is the number called a ‘google’ (or 'googol').  This is such a large number, but it is not infinite.  Even 1 with a google zeros after it (called a 'googolplex') is not the same as infinity; that is, it too is still a limited number.



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