These Three . . .

~Ageless wisdom from ages past and present~

These three things are a sign of maturity:

        Not talking about yourself

        Not putting others down

        Not laughing at the pain of others

These three are very rare:

        Love for the downtrodden

        Seeing the gain or loss before it happens

        Vastheartedness in the face of other peoplesí meanness

Become these three:




These three things are humane:

        Never losing courage in the face of difficulties

        Never saying no to those who need help

        Never speaking harshly to the ill

These three protect our life:

        Giving wisdom of consciousness to those who are ignorant

        Not retorting to the arrogant

        Never going through dangerous places

Always speak with love to these three:

        Your family

        Those who work for you

        The elderly and sick

Do not argue with these three people:

        The arrogant

        Those who are victim of verbal delusion

        Those who are angry or annoyed

Always see these three things:

        Your own faults

        The good qualities of other people

        The wisdom of the wise

Always use these three when speaking:




These three firm up friendship:

        Not deceiving others

        Not putting down others

        Not being greedy

These three gain the respect of others:

        Not trumpeting your own name

        Not putting down the good qualities of the wise

        Not having regrets after giving to a good cause

These three people earn good repute:

        Who donít carry ill will

        Who donít backbite

        Who donít lose courage in the face of challenges

These three people have short lives:

        Those who kill

        Those who constantly tell lies

        Those who eat junk food

Always remember these three things:

        Happiness is rooted in righteousness

        Righteousness is rooted in compassion

        Compassion is rooted in discernment

These three are sins:



        Attachment to ego

Keep these three things in your heart:




Make right use of these three:

        Your hands

        Your listening

        Your speech

Always be afraid of these three:




When living with others, give up these three:


        Comfort zones


Donít get puffed up with these three:

        Riches and status

        Blaming others


Donít hate these three:

        The very ill

        The helpless

        The weak and feeble

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