The Meaning of True Love

Jai Maha Dev

Ego loves to think, and thinks to love, but never really loves. Love is the union of the self with the Real Self, and only that love is really fulfilling. All other love is born out of the mind mated with ego.  Mind connected with ego can only create problems, and all love born out of the mind is always problematic.


Our soul mate is the Supreme Self, the Supreme Being.  Our true lover and beloved is not fashioned of flesh and bones.  To know our True Love we need to be in Love.  Being in love has nothing to do with being in our feelings and emotions.  Feelings and emotions are fluctuations of the mind.  The presence of love is not proved by mental waves that come and go.  Riding the waves of the mind is not an act of love.  Giving up our ego is an act of love. 


Giving up our ego is something we need to do everyday.  Giving up our ego means getting a grip on our mind and doing something useful with it.  We should never get used to listening to our ego, because it will make us weak and can eventually make us mentally crippled. 


When we listen to our ego we follow our feelings and emotions. Going up and down with our feelings and emotions will make us feel useless, inadequate, and empty.  False feelings create more false feelings, because feelings are failings.  All feelings born out of the mind will always fail us.  Feelings born out of the mind can never bring lasting fulfillment.


We need to bring our mind around to the Truth.  The Truth is that we are in Love now and forever.  We have always been in Love and will always be in Love because Love is our Essence.  This Love is not a feeling; Love is life itself.  If we are living, we are in Love, so we should be loving.  If we are not loving, we are not really living, we are just existing. 


Love is the experience of our True Self.  Love is our True Nature.  Being ourselves means to love, it means to be loving.  To be loving we have to bypass our ego.  We should never take the ego route, and if by mistake we find ourselves on the wrong road we need to get back on the right one.  The right path is the path within.  All other paths lead to dead ends. 


True Love has nothing to do with self-involvement.  The ‘path within’ is not a New Age buzzword; it is simply a reminder that we need to do our own homework  It is a reminder that we need to work on ourselves in order to realize our full potential, and our ‘full potential’ is to experience the Highest Love.


The greatest love is the love which is born of our Higher Nature.  It comes from our Spirit Self.  It has nothing to do with our nationality, age, sex, academic credentials, vocation, family background, etc.  The things we associate with our physical body and mind are not connected with our Real Self and therefore have nothing to do with Real Love.  Real Love is universal and limitless, and when we experience that limitless love we are fulfilled. 


When we are full of Love we can share that Love with others.  We cannot share what we do not have. If we are waiting to be loved, or wishing to love, or wondering why we are not in love, then we are in our ego.  To experience the core of our being, our Essence, we need to get our ego out of the way.  


All emotional issues are born out of ego.  If we don’t want any emotional issues then we should not get in bed with our ego.  If we are married to our ego we will never find any peace. 


Ego will always be there so long as we have a mind and body.  But we need to keep our boundaries. That’s easy if we make our mind a sage, because a saintly mind is never prone to sin (bad karma or wrong action). The mind becomes saintly only when it is purified with divine wisdom and spiritual practices, such as meditation.  The mind becomes fit for meditation only after it is purified, and the mind can never be purified so long as our actions are impure.


Our actions are pure only when they are infused with the spirit of divine love.  That spirit is completely detached from the selfishness of ego.  True love emanates from the Spirit Self, it does not come from the mind.  When that Pure Love flows through the purified mind our life is filled with grace and beauty.  Our life is beautiful when we surrender to the power of God.  The ‘power of God’ means the grace of divine Love.


The Spirit Self is always graceful and ego is always awkward.  The spirit of Love makes us feel awe-inspired, and ego makes us feel like a jerk.  We don’t have to spend any time at all in our ego if we fill our mind with divine wisdom.  Wisdom clears the mind of all nonsense.  Wisdom establishes boundaries in the mind which guard and protect the mind from being terrorized by ego.  Wisdom makes the mind immune to negativity.  Ego cannot take root in the mind that has been purified by divine wisdom. 


Ego takes root in the mind by the formation of images.  Our images prevent us from feeling the love of the Divine.  Our images prevent us from having the clear perception of our real nature, our spirit nature.   Images block love. Images stop the flow good energy.  Images make our life damned. This self-damnation is the result of ego and ignorance.  Wisdom will break down the dams; wisdom removes our ignorance, dissolves our images, and removes the ego from the mind.


We can never be happy until we experience the pure, selfless love.  There is no other meaningful experience in life.  All of our relationships, activities, insights and experiences are meaningless if that Love is absent. But the truth is, that Real Love is ever present—it is only the mind that remembers and forgets.  When the mind forgets itself (the ego-identity), divine love blossoms in the mind and the fragrance of that love is made manifest by the wisdom that shines like the light of the sun. 


The soul-self is the Real Self, and that self is always shining.  All we need to do is open our heart and let the Light shine in.  Then we will discover the meaning of True Love.


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