True Love Ė

A Quality of the Soul

By Dr. T. R. Khanna

Due to ego, we pursue different images and different goals.† When so many images clash, it leads to discord and unhappiness. We begin to develop unrealistic expectations of our loved ones; then cooperation and fellowship are relegated to the background.† Eventually, love dies down and the family breaks apart.

It requires openheartedness with our loved ones to have cooperation and fellowship.† If we arenít openhearted with our family, then with whom are we going to be openhearted?† If we donít love our family members, and seek to impress people we donít live with instead, we havenít understood love.

Love is unity and cooperation, and that only comes when everyone is contributing to the welfare of the family.† We cannot expect one mother to take care of the whole family while everyone else is off pursuing their own dreams, images and individuality.

The women of the family should not be treated as maids.† They should be treated as souls.† Where women are respected and happy, that household prospers.† Where women are treated badly, even if there is money, that household is destroyed.

Where the soul flourishes, then love flourishes.† But when love is buried under ego, we forget to treat each other as souls.† Then there are harsh words and fights.† If we wish to love and be loved, then we must start loving the souls of our family members and stop hurting them by expressing ego and arrogance in our speech.

Loving the souls of others starts with loving our own soul.† It means to practice positivity and joy, to put enthusiasm into changing for the better, and then to encourage the best in our loved ones.† True love is having selfless concern for the otherís soul, the otherís life, and the otherís well-being.†

By cultivating a spirit of universal love within ourselves, we create an atmosphere of harmony, cooperation, and mutual respect.

True love is commitment,

loyalty, and sincerity in the

good or bad times.


True love is all

about giving without expectations.

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