by Jai Maha Dev 

The whole world is deluded.  Whether they are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Atheists, or whatever. . . everyone is caught up in their mental hallucinations and misperception.  In other words, everyone is ignorant because they are ignoring what is real and pursuing what is unreal and imaginary. 


Happiness is real.  Love is real.  Good effort is real.  Good intention without good effort is unreal. Love based on mental feelings and emotional hole-filling is unreal. Happiness that is dependent on something or someone outside of our selves is unreal.  The self that is fabricated in our mind in the form of personality, is NOT our real self.  The self-involved ‘person’ that we ‘think we are’ is NOT who we really are.  That self-involved person is a mythical being; it is unreal, it is the non-self. Happiness born out of the non-self is nothing but nonsense.  It is superficial and temporary and a very poor substitute for true happiness. 


Religious worship is a façade of the non-self. Religion is nothing but an artifact of the mind.  Life itself is the art of true love, and true love is born in the heart connected to Truth. Truth is not an idea or a philosophy; it is not a religion nor is it the message of some manmade ‘God‘ or self-professed prophet. Truth is Reality and Reality is what it IS, it is not what we imagine it to be.


Human beings caught up in them selves are self-centered; they are not centered on the Self.  People who are caught up in their religion are focused on their images; they are not focused on Truth.


This whole thing is a big drama, and everyone is caught up in their little role and forgotten their true identity. We are immortal beings.  We are eternal. Our essence is indestructible. Our allegiance is to that Supreme Consciousness which pervades every particle of our being, every particle of every being, and every particle of the Universe.


Our religion is Humanity and our faith is in that Supreme Being Who is the Author of Humanity and the One Who set this drama of the Universe (Life) into motion. We can give that Essence any name we like, or no name at all, but the qualities (names) of that Essence (the Eternal Truth) remain unchangeable.


We need to change our mind to think clearly.  When our mind is clear (WHEN OUR IMAGES HAVE BEEN REMOVED), we perceive the Truth by the qualities (names) of Truth.  When we sing the names of Truth by manifesting those qualities in our daily life, we are truly worshipping GOD.  Any other form of worship is a waste of time and a waste of life. 


It is time for everyone to shake off their prejudice and bias rooted in ego and images.  ALL religions (including the ‘religion’ of Atheism) are rooted in ego and images.  Religion and philosophy give us the false sense of knowing what we do not know. It is far better to know that WE DO NOT KNOW.  We should know that we do not know, and stop pretending to know what we do not know. Then we will begin to experience what cannot be known by the mind.  There is no end to that experience (so long as we do not get caught up in our images of that experience). 


When we become the prisoner of our images our awareness stops expanding and we become confined to our small self.  It is only from the point of view of our small self that we think we are important.  In the context of Eternity (and from the point of view of the Cosmos) our images are nothing, our religion is nothing, and we are nothing.


None of us stand in need of anyone’s approval but everyone can always benefit from good advice. In the words of the Vedic sages, “Let Noble Thoughts Come From All Corners.”  

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