The Meaning and Attainment




by Jai Maha Dev


Bliss (ANANDA) means perpetual happiness.  Ananda is Absolute Happiness, the complete cessation of all pain and suffering.  MOKSHA (Liberation) is another name for ANANDA, because Moksha means the complete freedom from Ignorance, which is the source of all pain and suffering.


Everyone wants permanent happiness but most people are looking for it in the wrong place(s), and that’s why they never find it.  To find Real Happiness, we have to turn to the Vedas.  The Vedas constitute the intuitive Wisdom of Consciousness.  This wisdom reveals the Path of Truth which leads to permanent happiness (ANANDA).


Supreme Consciousness (Mahachetana) is SATCHIDANANDA. This is GOD: the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-blissful Supreme Being (Supreme Self). The Vedas emanate from Supreme Consciousness.  We realize the meaning of the Vedas when we are close to the Supreme Self.  The closest thing to the Supreme Self is our own Atman, our own Consciousness. So, to fully grasp the Vedas we have to establish our mind in the divine.  The ‘divine’ is that which is beyond both mind and matter:  and that is the Self and the Supreme Self.  In other words, we have to be established in our own soul (Atman) to realize the Supreme Self (Supreme Soul), and only then can we know ANANDA (True Happiness). 


Periodic happiness is the way of the mind. Perpetual happiness is the way of the divine.  Our mind can never find peace until it is established in TRUTH (the essence of Bliss). Until then, our mind will be plagued with fits of unhappiness, annoyance, anger, boredom and restlessness.


Through regular and earnest practice of spirituality (the affirmation of our divine nature), we (as embodied souls) attain glimpses into the nature of Reality and experience droplets of divine bliss which drip like nectar from the fountainhead of Truth.  Once we have had this ‘taste’ we cannot forget it and we want to fully know ‘the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth (so help us God).’ 


There is no doubt about it:  the Supreme Self, Who is our Mother, Father, Relative, and Best Friend, will definitely help us realize the aim of our existence.  After all, God is our Eternal Companion and is playing alongside us on the field of Creation (fashioned from Prakriti) and wants us to win the Game of Life and attain the Goal of MOKSHA. So long as we play fairly (by the Law of Dharma), trusting in our Higher Nature (possessing great Shradha, faith), and continue to expand our consciousness (by purifying our mind and senses), we are certain to succeed.   OM

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