Aditya Dham

What is Aditya Dham?

Aditya means eternal, indestructable, and Dham means place, or abode. Aditya Dham is your Eternal, Indestructable, State of Being. Aditya Dham is your eternal home, it is where your roots are. It is that absolutely clear, undefiled, undemeanable, state of pure consciousness. It is in the deepest recesses of your being. It is where you go in deep dreamless sleep, and it is where the enlightened live, where those who have awakened from the dream of ignorance remain established.

To attain that state, it is necessary to remove our ignorance. Ignorance is removed with Wisdom.

Though Aditya Dham is not a physical building or organization, this term (Aditya Dham) has been used to identify this site, and has also been used to signify the publisher of the articles printed here and in an associated newsletter.

Aditya Dham (this website) is a vehicle for spreading the message of the Vedas, the message of Divine Wisdom.

The Vedas are the repository of all true knowledge. It is the duty of every Arya to study the Vedas and spread its teachings.

This is the third principle of the Arya Samaj . The charter of Aditya Dham is to fulfill this principle in practice.

At its inception, Aditya Dham began publishing a monthly newsletter, the Light of Youth. The newsletter later evolved into a quarterly journal known as the Light of Wisdom. In 1996, the Light of Wisdom entered its 10th year of publication. In the year 2000, we began publishing the newsletter under a new name, Gyan Jyoti (which is Sanskrit for Light of Wisdom). The newsletter has been out of print since early 2002, but we continue to publish articles from Gyan Jyoti (Light of Wisdom) through this website.



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