Thoughts for Liberation


Everyone is dying. Persons come, and persons go.It is only the Absolute that remains the same. Everything is lost one day. In a split of a second it is all over, it is finished. But very few people ever get over their mental hankering. Instead, they remain under the compulsion of their little ego even after dying again and again.

Human beings are lonely and are pandering for love and attention. They have lost touch with themselves—with their True Self—hence they are trying to find meaning in things or people. But people are mean and selfish by nature, and like other 'things' they too are subject to decay and disintegration. Yes, that's right—persons (or personalities) are things—they are mental creations, and they are bound (destined) to be destroyed. It is useless to place our faith or trust in any personality (especially our own). And it is very foolish (and even dangerous) to depend on any personality (especially our own).

This world is filled with beggars, with persons who are begging for love and recognition. Everyone has a story to tell, but very few have a life to live. Few people are really living, most are just pandering for attention and subsisting on a few morsels of love and recognition that they happen to derive (from time to time) from their various contacts in the world. People spend most of their time in their mind. Though they move about from place to place, they are in fact prisoners trapped in their own brain cells.

The personality is nothing but a manifestation of ego. Everyone is busy expressing their ego. Even those who are supposed to help others (by helping to remove their ignorance and ego) are caught up in their own ego and don't even realize it. Most people are personality-worshippers, they are not worshippers of the Absolute. Most people are seeking to validate their own images and ego, they are not seeking to realize the Truth. When a human being realizes the Truth they realize that their little ego and images have no validity whatsoever. When this realization dawns upon the soul, the soul is awakened and lives in the Light of Wisdom.

When the soul is established in the Absolute, there is no more anything to seek, anyone to meet, anything to prove or disprove, any where to go, or any place to see. The soul that perceives the Truth with a clear conscience and a pure mind (free from the clutter of mental images) becomes free from all self-imposed obligations and attachments. He becomes free from all the artificiality and superficiality of man-made etiquette, customs, and cultural trappings. He no longer answers to his own ego, hence he no longer answers to any ego. He doesn't participate in the personality play, neither as a player or spectator. His vision is directed to the Absolute and his only goal is to completely realize his Absolute Nature. The God-consciousness—our consciousness of the Absolute—is sustained by remaining focused and one-pointed in the egoless state. When human beings begin respecting themselves as souls and stop looking upon themselves as 'persons', then they begin to vibrate with the sun, moon, and the stars and they attain the royal state of Maha Chetena, Supreme Consciousness.

Many people try to pass themselves off as traditionalists. They call themselves fundamentalists, or orthodox. But very few people really know their Vedic roots. Though they may be very expert in quoting the scriptures, what they think is ancient is often of relatively recent origin (i.e., has appeared within the last 4000 years or so). What is really ancient is this: the pure, undiluted, Absolute, imageless Truth. Before there was any religion, there existed the Absolute Nature, and there existed those high souls who manifested that Absolute Nature. The revealed wisdom of the ancient sages has been passed down to us through millennium (and even from one cycle of creation to the next). We need to purify our consciousness to the point that we can have the direct experience of Truth. That, no doubt, is a difficult thing to do, but if we sincerely pursue excellence we will ultimately achieve it. We must restrain the mind from its outward bound nature and direct it inward until it becomes so fine that it becomes completely transparent. In such a mind the ego cannot hide. When all false pride and vanity (which are elements of the personality) are completely eradicated, then we are truly free.

May we remain in the state of equilibrium, unmoved by mental agitations, free from the pairs of opposites, and completely detached from all the temporary people, places, and things. May all of us become totally liberated from our past samskaras (impressions) and fully realize our True Self.

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