Salutations to the Supreme Spirit Shining in Your Heart

Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, friends and relatives. . . .

We are living in the Age of Darkness , and it time to open our eyes and see the Light.

We are all souls. . . . sons and daughters of That Supreme Being from which all of this is shining forth. Then why do we doubt, why do we worry, why do we become arrogant and annoyed? We do not know ourselves, really. We are caught up in virtual unreality and we think it is real. What we have learned in the books, watched on the TV, read in the newspapers and magazines—it has not helped to free us from our dilemma, from our self-delusion, self-deceit, self-conceit, and self-defeat.

What has religion done for us? Has it made us more religious, more disciplined? No, it has not—because we are still the disciples of our ego and mind. We have become rigid in our thinking, and we mistake our emotions for devotion and our false ideas for intuition. Manmade religion is a crutch. We lean on our religion to help soothe our conscience and ward off our fears of the unknown. But we continue to betray our conscience and the Truth remains to us unknown.

Intellectuals entertain themselves with the abstract, and others indulge themselves in fantasies, mythology, and superstitions. Both are on the wrong track. Both are avoiding the issue—they are not really facing themselves, instead, they are making excuses for not changing.

When we rely on a crutch that we don't need, we cripple ourselves and eventually fall flat on our face. When we rely on an image, when we try to perceive Reality through an image we create a virtual reality. But Reality is only Real, and always real — it is never virtual. On the other hand, unreality is never real, it can only be virtual. So, really, what we create in our minds, in our novels, on our TVs is virtual unreality. We glorify that unreality and then we are horrified by it. We fear what we have created in our own mind.

We have a long way to go. We have a lot to learn about ourselves. We have so much to experience. But to go, we have to get up from where we are (we have to leave our image). To learn, we need to open up our mind to the wisdom. To experience, we need to put wisdom into practice.

This page in cyberspace is just a little spark in the eternal dynamo of Consciousness. It might help bring to light what you did not know, or had forgotten. It is not the answer to all your questions, but it will help you to find the answers by guiding you to look within.

The Ultimate Truth cannot be conveyed by words . The Secret (sacred) Teachings are not given in public places. When the heart meets the Heart, only then is the Truth known. When the self yields to the Self, only then is there true freedom. When the soul (Atman) merges with the Oversoul (Paramatman), only then is perfect Peace realized.

Om Shanti

(May All Attain the Ever-Prevailing Peace of Supreme Consciousness)

In Wisdom, Service, and Devotion,



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