Lifeís Teachers

From the meditations of Dr. T.R. Khanna, inspired by the Shastras (Teachings of the Wise)


From the falling leaves in the autumn, learn to remain stable when you are in pain, and overcome all your difficulties like the trees which have lost all their leaves.

From the colored rocks which are powdered into dye, learn to powder your ego, so that you can color your soul as the powdered dye gives its color to the clothes.

From the fish which cannot live without the water, learn that you must merge with the life-giving waters of devotion.

From the rooster, learn to sing the glory of the Lord

in the early morning.




From the blowing wind, learn to be in the motion of energy and to blow all your negativity away.



From the fruit-laden tree branches, learn to be humble.




From the rays of the sun,

learn to be awake and give forth light.


From the opening bud of the flower,

Learn to open your heart.

From the smoke of the fire,

learn to rise higher and higher.



To walk to God, you donít need feet.

To fly high, you donít need feathers.

To pick up the grains of wisdom,

you donít need a beak.

To see His depth and understanding,

you donít need eyes.

To hear Him,

you donít need words.


But you do need a Guide. . . .

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