Virtual Unreality

Are you allured by the charms of a man or woman?

. . . then you are living in virtual unreality.

Are you fascinated by machines, computers, big-screen TVs, the Internet?

. . . then you are living in virtual unreality.

Are you excited when you meet someone new or visit a new place, or when you go to see a new movie or read a new book?

. . . then you are living in virtual unreality.

Are you angry when your expectations are not fulfilled, or are you frantic when things don't go your way?

. . . then you are living in virtual unreality.

Nowadays everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and moving onto the Information Super Highway (the Internet). Everyone wants more and more information, and the highway is littered with the refuge of technocrats appealing to the insatiable hunger of techno-brats who have nothing better to do than entertain themselves with something new.

"Give me something new, something exciting. I'm bored." We have become a spoiled culture, ever in need of something new to make us forget what we've done to ourselves.

What have we done to ourselves? We've made ourselves weak by relying on things outside of ourselves. We've created a virtual unreality and then we wonder why it is virtually impossible to find peace of mind, lasting happiness, and inner fulfillment.

We pretend to be happy, we pretend to be religious or spiritual, we pretend to know a lot when we know very little. If we really understood how little we are, how unimportant we are, then we would begin to understand the true import of the teachings of the wise, and we would soon realize the real importance of this life.

Until then, we will remain under the compulsion of our ego and mind. Until we become truly humble and give up our false self we will continue to assert our ego and remain a prisoner in our own little brain cells. Until we let go all our notions, opinions, misconceptions and false perception, we will remain victims of self-delusion and self-conceit.

We need to make our heart (our center of affection) so large that no problem ever appears insurmountable. The sun is shining in our heart. The highway of sunshine will lead us to Eternity. When we reach our destination we will realize that we have returned home, to our Source, and that our journey was only a small cycle in Time, one which we've traveled before and will surely travel again.

When we realize the permanence of Reality, we are no longer enamored by virtual unreality. We become free from the clutches of Maya (the attraction of PRAKRITI-the material world) and no longer behave immaturely in the world of SAMSARA (the world of the selfish). Exercising our power of discernment and acting intelligently (making careful choices) we free ourselves from all unnecessary pain and suffering and create a conducive environment for the evolution of our soul, and for the souls of all those who come in our contact.

This is the way of the wise. This is the way to dispel all your doubts and become free from virtual unreality.

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