Caring Love

from a discourse of Dr. T. R. Khanna



Caring love is beyond favorable or unfavorable feelings and sensations.


Caring love is balanced and does not get even with others.


Caring love never gets into negative feelings or possessive feelings.


Caring love has no malice or hatred.


Caring love is irresistible; it catches on like wild fire and burns all negative tendencies.


Caring love is neither accusative nor blaming. Caring love simply facilitates and responds.


Caring love is sympathetic, empathetic, and respectful.


Caring love is not stubborn, is not against progressive ways, and it does not react—it  responds


Caring love does not take us backward, whereas egoistic loving takes us backward and drags us down.


Caring love forgives, whereas ego creates bad blood and is harmful and painful.


Caring love is for sake of caring—that’s all.


Caring love is true love, and that true love comes from our Absolute Nature.

It is beyond expectations and ego fluctuations.




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