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Universal Wisdom. . . . Apply it, it really Works!

The following link contains practical advice for attaining permanent happiness. To get the maximum benefit from this advice, read each quotation several times and contemplate deeply on its significance.

Ask these questions:

"How does it apply to me? How can I use this knowledge to better myself, to improve my environment, and to inspire all those who come in my contact?"

The Doctor's Prescription for Permanent Happiness

Note: All of the quotations in this section are from the satsangs (wisdom gatherings) of Dr. T.R. Khanna

Note: Three new quotations are added every week.

Aditya Dham

Table of Contents


Words of Wisdom

Welcoming Message

An Understanding of Basic Metaphysics

Tvameva Mata

Conquering Ignorance

DropYour Images!

Aditya Dham - what is it?

About the Light of Wisdom

The Path of TRUTH

Light of Wisdom : Selected Articles

Elucidation of Ved Mantra

These Three

Learn These Lessons of Life. . .

Names of GOD

Food for Thought

Understanding the Truth

Way of the Hindu

Who Is GOD?

Thoughts for Liberation

Presence of Mind

Why We Should Try To Live to 100

The Choice is Your's

Message to the Teachers of Humanity

The State of Being

Articles from Before and Beyond

The Meaning of True Love

The Mahamritunjaya Mantra

Don't Dance With the Wolves

What To Do Now?

Drowning in the Sea of Unreality

The Problem With Non-Vedantists

Flaws of Modern Vedanta and Advaita

Surfers BEWARE!

Manifest Your Real Nature

Practice, Practice, Practice

Mind, Consciousness, and the Goal

What Are We?

Virtual Unreality

The Facade of Personality

Raja Yoga

Does GOD Incarnate?

Life's Teachers

Get Rid of Chronic Habits

What is Life?

What is Samsara?

Insights of Wisdom

The Culture of Self-Deceit and

How to Change It






Writings of ARYA PUTRA

Supersymmetry and Consciousness

Going Beyond Manmade Religion

Neo-vedantic vs Vedic Advice

Yoga Basics

What is Yoga really all about?

The Love of a Man and a Woman

Do We Have to Suffer?


Back to the Basics

The Meaning and Attainment of BLISS

Bigger Than the Universe, Smaller Than an Atom

Vaidika Dharma: True Religion

The Highest Vedic Ideal

Communicating the Vedic Ideals to the Next Generation

Intercast-Interfaith Marriages

True Love -- A Quality of the Soul

Grasping the Meaning of the Vedas

The Aim of Life

Back to the Vedas

Our Absolute Brilliance

Beyond Religion

Do Good

Oh Shining Light!

I Am Not the Person You Think I Am

The Revealed Knowledge

Evolution of Soul

Our Destiny Is Eternity

Caring Love

Individuality, God, Non-duality,

and Ultimate Reality

Universality of Truth

The Work of an Arya

Experience Your Essence

Message for the New Millennium

Don't Die With Your Mistakes

Keep Improving Your Nature

A Lesson to the Parents

Light is Life--Share It With Others

Characteristics of Imposters

Good Practices

A Question About Samskaras

Unclutter Your Closet and the Mind



Vedanta/Neo-Vedanta, an email Debate

Note: due to the format of this article (as an email debate), there is much repetition, resulting in this article being 176 pages in length..

Documents related to the email Debate

button Beyond Religion, a collection of articles that appeared in an online forum

Note: this is a large PDF consisting of 376 pages

Questions & Comments?

Questions & Answers

The Wisdom of Consciousness







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