Surfers Beware!

Be warned: surfing can be dangerous.

Many people surf the polluted waves of cyberspace in search of something, anything, to arouse their interest. There are many bored people who have nothing better to do than to surf the web—but there may be a hidden price to pay—sometimes you get hit by your own board (dum). Some of the most popular sites on the Internet are those featuring pornographic material or libidinous discussions. 'Surfers' sometimes stop for a 'peep show' or lose their mind in someone's mental slime. "No problem", they say. "I've got plenty of brain cells to burn, and besides, I can do whatever the *~#* I want to do."

This is the mentality of irresponsibility and stupidity. When we stoop down to our base instincts our mind is bound to stink. The feces of selfishness sticks to the mind when we let the mind play in it. In other words, when we play out our fantasies we lose touch with reality and become artificial. There are many phony people looking to get the attention of other phony people. (We used to use phones for this purpose, but now we've progressed to computers.)

The Internet is awash in a sea of trash, or just plain old misinformation or useless information. Of course, there is some substance to be found too. But how many people have an appetite for solid, wholesome, food for thought? Many people love junk food, even though it makes them break out in a rash, makes them excited, hyper, and sick to their stomach. People are really very peculiar.

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "Who is this self-righteous, condescending, SOB?" No, my dear friend, I am your well-wisher, and I am saying these things for our benefit. You see, I know you are intelligent, and intelligence is POWER. Properly channeled, intelligence is a boon and a great help-mate. Misused, intelligence is a curse and a tyrant. I would like to make the world a better place to live inand to make that happen the tyrant must be subdued. We can overcome the insolent might by making intelligent choices. The one who influences us to make the right choices (i.e., healthy choices) is our true friend. The one who influences us to make the wrong choices (i.e., harmful choices) is not our real friend. The true friend shares wisdom. The false friend spreads propaganda (i.e., gives misleading information and takes things out of context).

In many ways, we are our own worst enemy, because we fill our mind with all kinds of nonsense and then make-believe it is real. Many people know too much for their own good. It means they think they know a lot, and what they know is not of much use to them. (We really need to start fresh. We need to empty the pitcher filled with mud and water, so that the fresh water of wisdom can be poured into the receptacle of our mind.) Someone could have an encyclopedia of knowledge in his head but still posses no common sense. (Sense, or knowledge, becomes common only when we practice it.) It is uncommon to find someone whose actions match his words. People don't say what they mean, they do what they mean. In other words, their actions reveal their true intentions.

All of us possess intelligence, but are we really using it intelligently? In other words, are we using our intelligence for a good purpose or a wrong one? Are we spending our time wisely, or foolishly?

Our mind and body are limited resources. We should use our intelligence to be resourceful. We should put this mind and body to the best use. These tools are invaluable for excavating the treasure that lies buried deep within our selves. We should sharpen our intelligence and strengthen our body so that we can uncover the secrets of the universe. The journey is withinall the answers will be found inside. The answers outside must lead us inside. In time, we will travel to the most distant stars and marvel at the wonders of the universe. But sooner or later, we must return to our Source.

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