Supersymmetry and Consciousness


Jai Maha Dev

Atman (Pure Consciousness) is immortal and immutable:  it is eternal and unchangeable. You are Atman.  I am Atman. Each and every one of us is Atman.  We are the same Atman in the sense that we all have the same nature (as Atman) and have the same Essence (Paramatman, the Supreme Soul); yet each and every one of us is unique.  There are countless Atmans.  There are so many of us that the number is uncountable—but that number is not infinite. Against the backdrop of infinite Time, we have all met each other at one time or another.  We have all crossed paths with each other at some place in the infinite number of Creations (Cosmic Days and Nights).


Some people mistakenly think that Atman is the same as GOD, which leads them to wrongly conclude that they themselves are GOD.  They say, ‘everyone is GOD.’  This is a mistaken notion arising out of Ignorance (Avidya).  Atman is always Atman (Soul), and Paramatman (the Supreme Soul, Supreme Being) is always Paramatman (GOD).  God always pervades the soul.  God and the soul always exist in the relationship of the Self and the Supreme Self.  Since GOD always pervades the soul, it means GOD never stops pervading the soul; hence, God always exists as God and the soul always exists as the Soul—both God and the soul are eternal, uncreated.  We were not created at some point in time.  There was never any time that we have not existed (as Atman).


Atman (the Self) always exists (is ever-manifest) and is unchangeable.  This means each and every one of us (as Atman) is ever pure and incapable of ill-will, meanness, violence, hatred, depression, anxiety, annoyance, etc.  However, when we interact with Prakriti (Primordial Matter, which is also eternal and indestructible) during the period of time known as Creation (the Universe), we assume many different identities and play many different roles during this Cosmic Drama (or Sport) of Life.


Throughout all of our existences (innumerable lives) our Real Self remains unchanged. There is a supersymmetry that exists between Atman (Soul) and Jivatman (the living soul).  Understood in terms of supersymmetry, all of the different persons we have been in the past, and will become in the future, exist simultaneously in the fabric of Time-Space. In fact, they exist in potential form in the Universal Mind (Mahattatwa). 


Everything that is happening in our lives is an illusion which alludes to the Real Self, either directly (distinctly) or indirectly (in contradistinction).  There is a definite purpose or meaning to all of this. When we discover our (ultimate) purpose, our life becomes (truly) meaningful, and when our purpose is accomplished our life is (truly) fulfilled.  Until then, we will keep living in shallow personality, protecting our ego (false identity) with our mental images.  This is a drama.  The show goes on, and on, and on until we truly awaken from the dream of Ignorance.     

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