Our Absolute Brilliance

Reprinted from the Fountain of Inner Joy

By Dr. T. R. Khanna


The wisdom of the Vedas reminds us to keep the company of wise people, to have the same high thoughts, and to treat each other with balance, love, and wisdom.  It encourages us to come together for one purpose: to experience our true nature, our Absolute Brilliance.


If we embrace our Absolute nature, we can attain and experience that brilliance—the light and awareness of our superconsciousness.  In that high state we are living on the top of the mountain (our superconscious state), above all the excitement and pain of the polluted city (our gross mind and images).


Our state of brilliance is achieved by staying focused on Absolute wisdom and Absolute understanding.  In the brilliance of Absolute consciousness, we can never be troubled by daily trials or gross limitations.  Our intelligence becomes superior, and our consciousness is sharpened.  We see the flow of nature and energy and we live in that flow.  We see beyond this gross existence.


If we want to experience the brilliance of consciousness, then we cannot be limited by our heredity, training, habits or culture.  We must live in our timeless Absolute nature.  We can be born yellow, red, white, brown, or black.  It does not matter.  We were born from the Absolute Brilliance and into the Absolute Brilliance we will merge.


People mistake the gross state of feeling good for the vibrant state of the Absolute.  But the real joy, the real feeling of goodness comes from the ocean of Supreme Consciousness.  All creatures are living in this life due to the Supreme Consciousness. We are sustained by that strong wave of bliss.  Our small thinking cannot be compared to this.  That is why we have to humble ourselves to God, to that sustaining energy.


That energy is beyond images; it is not in our limited perception about life, or about God.  By our images of various religions we are limiting that creative regenerative force, because we are labeling it from our earthly point of view.  That Supreme state cannot be limited by any name.  It is untainted, untouched, and cannot be destroyed.  And that state is within our reach, because it is within us!


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