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The main characteristic of our True Self is NON-VIOLENCE.  When we go against our real nature we are being violent because we are violating who we really are. When a dog kills another animal and eats it, this does not constitute violence because this action is in line with a dog’s nature.  When a cat pounces on a mouse, this is not a violent act because it is within the cat’s nature to do so.

We are NOT dogs or cats; we are human beings. Our nature (our higher nature) is to be non-violent, and when we violate our real nature we are no longer real: we are phonies, we are liars, we are frauds. A liar will never find lasting happiness or peace of mind. 

All of the following things are contrary to our real nature (higher nature) and make us unhappy: (1) killing and/or eating animals, birds, fish, and all ‘higher' life forms (2) promiscuous behavior  (3) consumption of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol (4) deceiving others for any selfish motive whatsoever (5) over-indulgence in any natural pleasure (6) procrastination in making up our mind to do what is conducive to our own well-being and the general (and genuine) welfare of all. 

This list is of course extremely abbreviated.  The fact is there is no limit to how much we can perfect our nature.  And since ‘perfecting our nature’ is what our real nature (higher nature) is all about, it means there is no end to self-improvement and the expansion of our consciousness. For this, we do NOT need any religion but we do need self-discipline.

Religion is a farce. DHARMA simply means our ‘real nature,’ it does NOT mean ‘religion.’  We need to follow our Dharma, that is all.  ‘Following our Dharma’ simply means to form our mind (shape our mind) to conform to what is real (for example, to our Real Nature), and follow up our good thoughts with good actions.  Otherwise, we will be following our ego and raising hell instead of raising consciousness.  ‘Raising hell’ is exactly what the religions of the world have been doing for the last several thousand years.

To understand our Real Nature and live our life according to ‘Dharma,’ we have to go back to the Vedas.  

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