Grasping the Meaning of the Vedas



There is no limit to the limitless Intelligence that controls everything in this Universe, and indeed, the Multiverse (if this theory is discerned to be correct).  Now, by ‘control’ we mean to say that everything is regulated by that limitless Intelligence, to which the grossly limited mind has assigned various names like Allah, God, Buddha, and so forth.


The Wise know that the real ‘names of God’ (such as Agni, Mitra, Varuna, etc.) simply refer to the qualities of that Supreme Intelligence by which everything exists, is sustained, and dissolved in unending cycles of Creation.  These ‘names’ are given in the Vedas, which are complete and unchangeable. Some people will reject this last statement, so we will try to substantiate it for clarification.


When we say that the Vedas are complete and unchangeable, we are referring to that portion known as the Samhita. There are some people who assert that large portions of the Vedas have been lost and that only a portion remains. But this is not correct.  Are any of the basic elements of the Universe no longer extant?  No, not to our knowledge.  Likewise, the Vedas in their original form exist today even as they did at the time of Creation, and before Creation, and will continue to exist even after this Creation is no more. 


The Vedas are not books, nor are they the philosophical musings of saints and sages. Every Ved Mantra is a secret and sacred formula.  The treasure of Divine Wisdom cannot be opened by the gross mind (which is why it is called ‘secret’) and is separate and distinct from worldly knowledge acquired through the five senses (which is why it is called ‘sacred’).


The same Intelligence that created and shaped this Universe from apparent chaos into a meticulously designed Cosmic Ecosystem, did NOT omit from this ‘plan’ the wisdom necessary for human beings to live together and prosper, and ultimately attain Moksha (complete Freedom from Ignorance). The essential elements used to form the Universe do not change from one Universe to the next (or from one Creation to the next).  In the same way, the same essential or root knowledge (by which the Universe is created, sustained, and dissolved) remains the same.  That root knowledge is known as the Vedas (or simply, the Veda). It is revealed at the beginning of Creation to those highest evolved souls who are capable of receiving it, and then passed down from generation to generation until the end of time (i.e., the end of the Universe); and then revealed again and passed down again during subsequent Creations.  This process is beginingless and endless. In every Creation, those most highly evolved souls (at the beginning of Creation) are known as Agni, Vayu, Aditya (or Ravi), and Angirasa; and the divine knowledge revealed to them is known, respectively, as the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda.


The Vedas contain the seeds of all sciences, from the science of cosmology to geology; to sciences dealing with the workings of the body, the mind, and all the things of this world; and finally to the science of Yoga (the union of the Self with the Supreme Self).  If the seeds are not planted in a fertile mind (one from which the rocks of images have been removed) and watered with devotion (intense commitment to non-violence and love of truth), one can never grasp the meaning of the Vedas.

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