Words of Wisdom

This planet earth is ever changing. Where there were once mountains, there are valleys, where there were oceans there are deserts. Where there were plains, there are now forests. Everything is changing. New nations are formed, and old nations are lost in antiquity. Boundaries are rewritten. Amongst all this change, there is something that remains the same, unchanged, and perennial. What is that? THAT is the ESSENCE of life. THAT is our essence. THAT is what we really are.

This is the revelation of Wisdom. Wisdom gives objectivity to our life. Without Wisdom one cannot see. Without Wisdom, humanity is lost.

Wisdom is the Religion of Humanity

Wisdom belongs to all of us, but only those who practice Wisdom are wise. Ignorance is the root of all misery and suffering. To become free, we need to be ourselves—we need to become wise. Wisdom reveals our true nature and removes our self-doubt and self-deceit.

Light of Wisdom

The Light of Wisdom shines in the hearts of all, but if our heart is closed we won't see the light. Opening the heart does not mean having no boundaries—it means dropping our image of ourselves. When we let go of our self-image, we become our Real Self. When we give up our ego, we are no longer controlled by our mind, we are no longer influenced by our mental images. In that state of clarity and purity, we resonate with the eternal vibration of the Supreme Self. This union of the Self with the Supreme Self—of the ATMAN (soul) with PARAMATMAN (Supreme Soul, or, Oversoul), is known as YOGA.

This real Yoga is known by only a few. To know it, one must practice it. To practice it, one must sacrifice one's ego. Renouncing the non-self, one attains the Self.

Path to Liberation

The only shortcut on the path to liberation is to cut short our ego-manifestation. When we stop our ego from asserting, when we stop expressing our ego, when we stop looking for attention and recognition, when we stop feeding into our images and mental hallucinations, then we begin to find our way back to our Source.

When we stop superimposing our ideas of reality, of spirituality, of religion, and life, then we become alive to the life force (the spirit) within the temple of the body and mind. We behold with our mind's eye the reflection of the Supreme Self within our own conscience. This brings about a transformation in our consciousness, and we become acutely conscientious about our thoughts and behavior. We no longer take life for granted, instead, we become very grateful for the Wisdom that flows to us from all directions.

Become a Clear Channel

Wisdom flows through the one who has become a clear channel. We become a clear channel only when the mind is clarified—only when we have removed all our images. The ego wants to hold on to images, because the ego is supported by images. If the images are removed, the ego cannot stand; if the ego is removed, the images disappear. Images are removed with Wisdom—Wisdom destroys ego.

Wherever ego is enhanced, Wisdom is absent.

Wherever Wisdom is shared, ego is diminished.

Wherever images are promoted, ego is enhanced.

Wherever there are wise people, Wisdom is freely given.

Personality Stands in the Way

We need to come together to share wisdom. Personality stands in the way. Personality pulls people apart, and also glues them together (superficially) with attachment. This attraction and repulsion quality of personality is a great hindrance. When one is in one's personality, one loses objectivity. When we lose our objectivity, we treat ourselves and others as objects. We become very subjective and forget the real object of our existence—which is to become totally free from all selfishness.

The personality-play makes one selfish and foolish. We fool ourselves when we fall into the trap of our personality or the personality of another. Personality is a shallow covering. The real self, the soul, is much deeper than personality. When we relate on the level of the soul, we are no longer distracted by the personality.

Personality is always changing and is never stable. Like a shadow, the personality has no substance. The person who is caught up in his (or her) personality is always flirting with other personalities too, and is continually victimized by his own mind.

Know the Nature of the Mind

By nature, the mind is fickle, being the static manifestation of the protonic, electronic, and neutronic (Sataguna/Ragaguna/Tamaguna) forces of nature (PRAKRITI). The mind cannot be controlled from outside, it can only be controlled by a higher force—the dynamic force of consciousness within. When the power of soul-consciousness is awakened, dynamic equilibrium of the natural forces occurs and the mind is silenced. The mind is then under your control (under the control of the Self) and no longer poses a threat. In other words, one's personality becomes divine—that is, it is simply the manifestation of pure consciousness reflected through the clarified mind.

Become Mature in Wisdom

Most people are a threat to themselves. They feel threatened by others because they have not understood themselves. When we live on the level of personality, we are never honest with ourselves or others. We live in a make-believe world of images and lies, and we go up and down with excitement and disappointment. These flaws in our personality are evidence of our lack of maturity. To ripen and become full inside we need to expose our mind to the Light. We need to irrigate the mind with inspiration and stop hiding beneath the cover of our ego.

We Must Become Wise

There are no ready-made answers to the problems of the world. To make the world a better place to live in, we need to take a hard look at ourselves and improve our own lot. It doesn't mean that we should forget about the world or that we should be hard on ourselves. Rather, it means this: to help others, we need to help ourselves; to improve the world, we need to improve ourselves; to make peace with others we must make peace with ourselves; to spread happiness we must first be happy; to remove ignorance we must become wise.

Keep Shining!

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Personality is a sweet poison. The one who is poisoned with personality can never know the Truth. Personality is shallow. The Truth is very deep and can only be known by a deep human being. To find the Truth, the essence of Reality, we need to search deep within. Only the Fountain of Truth can quench the thirst of the soul. Those who chase after personality die in the desert of Samsara, never knowing their True Self. They become spiritually dead. The longing of their soul becomes buried beneath the sand of the mind. Pursuing one mirage (image) after another, they become bereft of all sanity, and suffer the plight of their own self-delusion.

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