The Sea of Human Unreality

People are drowning in the sea of human unreality.

People-pleasers trying to please, missing the mark but becoming the target.

Looking for a reward but finding remorse.

Looking for attention, getting into tension.

People are drowning in the sea of human unreality.

Some think they will find happiness in another,

but what they find is disappointment.

People are charmed by the smile or the wiles of a man or a woman,

But when all the facts are known, one finds no substance but only a shadow.

So much time is wasted looking for treasure in the wrong places.

What can you share with another if you haven’t found yourself?

There are many beggars, but few givers.

People are drowning in the sea of superficiality.

They want real love and happiness, they want to be really free,

But so much time is wasted in catering to the whims and moods of the mind.

People are drowning in their own lies and artificiality.

They want to come up for fresh air,

but they keep going down for petty pleasures.

People are drowning in the sea of human unreality.

Like the trading of a diamond for a piece of glass,

the inner joy is forsaken for cheap thrills and enjoyments.

How can one ever become full inside

if fulfillment is only measured by the satisfaction of ego?

The gratification of whims and images is a poor substitute for

real love, lasting happiness, and true freedom. 

People are drowning in the sea of sensuality.

They have lost their senses and are living on the edge of insanity.

At any moment they might be pushed over the edge and

drown in the sea of unreality.

The sensible human being never goes near the edge.

Only those who are insensitive to wisdom fall prey to self-delusion.

From self-delusion arises arrogance, and

from arrogance arises one’s own self-destruction.

When the awareness of one’s real nature is lost, one is destroyed.

Only human beings create unreality.

Everything is in the mind.

Human beings can raise consciousness, or they can raise hell.

Those who raise consciousness are liberated –

they go beyond the pain and pleasure of  this world.

Those who raise hell


into the

sea of



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