The Choice is Yours


Shallow people love to show off.

“Look at me, how fair am I.”

But what do they have to show?

Skin, fat, bones, puss and hair.

Big deal. Bad deal.

Bad for them, and bad for those who watch the show.


Go to the beach or the pool side and what do you find?

Flesh baking on beach towels and lawn chairs,

flesh grilling on barbacues and people killing themselves

just to amuse the mind and gratify their little egos.

These are the still-born children of the world of Samsara

(the world of the selfish).

They have never breathed the wisdom of the soul.

They have never moved the mind with inspiration or tasted the nectar of bliss.

Their entire life is seething with anger and frustration,

wasted in excitement and boredom, chasing after ‘fun.’


Shallow people never last for long.

Like a puddle of water that dries up soon in the hot sun,

they are here today and tomorrow gone.

First they sprout, then they bud and bloom.

In no time they fade, wither, decay and die.

This is the life cycle of lies lived by an ordinary man or woman.


Deep people are different.

Their life is sublime.

They don’t live for the pleasures of the body or the whims of the mind.

Their beauty is not skin deep, but internal.

Deep people pass through the phases of life raising their consciousness,

Becoming more and more aware of that which is eternal.


Deep people have peace of mind.

Shallow people appease the mind.

Deep people absorb themselves in the wisdom of consciousness.

Shallow people are ego-pleasers and

get sucked into the moods of the mind.



In this life, there are two ways to go, one is bleak and the other bright.

One is the way of fools,

the other the way of the wise.

One leads you astray into selfish habits,

the other makes you happy, healthy, and wise.

One is the way of pleasure-seekers, and shortens your life;

the other is the way of wisdom-seekers, and prolongs your life.

One is cruel and unforgiving,

the other is filled with compassion and free of strife.

One is shallow, unsteady, and surreal;

the other is profound, stable, and very, very real.

One is self-seeking and gives pleasure and pain;

the other seeks the Self, and cannot be measured by worldly gain.

One path lures you into the endless revolution of birth and death;

the other path frees you from your mindless longing and its pollution.

The path of Light (the Way of the Wise) takes you beyond the

images of mind and the regions of matter, and leads up the ladder of evolution 

to the highest states of Pure Consciousness.


Choose your path and know where you are going (walk in the Light).

Keep moving forward without any fear or thought of consolation.

Don’t bend your principles before the insolent might.

Open your eyes and perceive what you see (see things for what they are).

Open your ears and understand what you hear

(don’t misunderstand, be perplexed, or deceived).

The choices you make today determine tomorrow,

and this life determines the next.

“You are the sum total of the choices you make.”

Don’t waste even a single day wallowing in a life of lies.

Choose carefully what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears.

(Don’t fall for hollow distractions.)

Choose carefully your tastes (your likings), and choose carefully the feelings you have and the scents (attractions) you follow.

You are the author of your own life and destiny.

You are the script writer, producer, director, and actor.

This is your life.

Reveal your True Nature, manifest your inner glow.

Listen to the voice of Pure Consciousness.

Unite the mind with the Divine and let the wisdom flow.

The choice is yours.


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