Our Destiny Is Eternity

by Dr. T. R. Khanna


There are two inner voices we will hear.  One is a pampering voice.  It tells us that we have done enough.  The other voice inspires us to do even more.  We will be surprised at how much potential we have when we listen to our inner inspiration.


We must transform our life through practice.  Change does not just happen.  We have to earn our spiritual heights with practice.  It is not an intellectual exercise.  Philosophers philosophize, but that does not change their lives for the better.


People who agitate themselves, and see every small thing that happens as an annoyance, find life is a burden.  People who see every challenge as an opportunity to grow, find life is a blessing.  That is called creative intelligence.  It does not come without positive effort, open-mindedness, and the application of wisdom in our everyday lives.


We are not our ego.  We are not our images.  We are not our form.  Before we were born, were we brown or black or white or yellow or red? No! We were free souls when we were born.  We are a free soul now, if we remember it.  And we will be a free soul when our body dies.  We are the master of our destiny by virtue of our own practices.  We must dare to change ourselves! Take charge! In our remaining time in this body, we must become better, whether we live another 5 years, 50 years or 150 years!


When we drop our ego, we become what we were when we were born:  totally egoless.  As long as we have ego, we will not take good advice kindly, and we will not attain inner peace and depth.  When we transcend our ego, by virtue of our practices, we become the inspirer, the nurturer, the liberated soul who lives this life with compassion, understanding, and unconditional love; who gives without expecting anything in return.  We just vibrate!


The cosmic dance is going on, and the sun, moon, and the stars are smiling at us.  That is the beauty of eternal nature.  And the beast is the gross mind and the gross ego.  They keep growing inside of us and we think they are real.  But that which gives us temporary excitement cannot be permanent.  Eternity is free from feelings of up and down, pleasure and pain, excitement and boredom.  Eternity IS.  When we are caring and serving, loving without conditions, inspiring and encouraging, we are playing the game of eternity.  We are in our purest state.


We have to experience our eternity, and dance the cosmic dance while we are working through our karmic cycle, discharging our duties.  And then we are going to go home.  We are all going to go home. We should leave this planet with no regrets, we should do what needs to be done with a full heart, even the smallest task.  We are upward bound to our eternal journey.  We are an instrument of peace, service, and devotion.  We expect nothing.  We are just vibrating.    OM


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